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What's going on?

We recently had all our windows replaced and some work done to seal and insulate our crawl space and ductwork. It all turned out great! I’ve also been putting up pegboard and rearranging our garage to make better use of the space.

My current focus is on my knees. I just had surgery to clean out debris from my meniscus tear last summer. (“Macerated” isn’t the best word to hear in relation to your knee’s supporting structures.) Luckily, I’m not on crutches or any serious restrictions. I saw my PT last week, and he was beyond encouraging about my current ability and my overall outlook, and once again a sizable chunk of our living room has been converted to a physical therapy space. Beyond this immediate recovery, I’m taking a long view, working on multiple fronts to hopefully be able to return to ultimate frisbee some time next year. If I don’t get back to the field after this, I will feel pretty solidly confident that I did everything I could and consider that chapter of my life closed.

At work, I’m currently between clients, so I have been working on learning some AWS and DevOps topics that I haven’t felt very confident about, and will be taking my first certification exam next week. If your company could use some crackerjack technical expertise from compassionate team members, please reach out!

Otherwise, I’m just trying to make the most of the nice weather months. I went for my first outdoor bike ride of the year and am also doing some stationary bike workouts to prepare for Ride the Rim.

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We’ve got a bit of travel planned in the next few months, but I hope to add even more.






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